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marshmallow squad 6

2010-11-29 18:25:11 by TheL1st

here it is in all its glory, and all its horror! Marshmallow squad 6!

The Glorious End to Season One of Marshmallow Squad.
Battosai810 only did the 3d portion of this
the rest is by David Doucette don't steal.
Synopsis: After escaping from Hell in episode 5, blue must
wander the wastes looking for not only his lost comrades
But also HIMSELF. Little does he know he's being hunted
by Magnavox who is searching for a dark secret within marshmallow

About: Unreleased for six months, Marshmallow squad 6 is an action packed tour de' force
featuring state of the art 3d special effects and a riveting original score.

marshmallow squad 6


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2011-02-01 18:55:37

amazing series


2011-07-25 16:42:26